Zimbabwe is on the brink of civil war and is becoming a burden to South Africa

Zimbabwe is on the brink of civil war and is becoming a burden to South Africa, according to the leader of the country’s biggest opposition party, Nelson Chamisa.

Chamisa, the leader of the MDC party was speaking in Mbare, a suburb in the capital of Harare, where he delivered his version of the State of the Nation Address .

Zimbabwe has gone through years of an economic melt-down, years of extremely poor rain falls has badly affected the agricultural system of the country, people in Zimbabwe are facing severe hunger and starvation as a result. And Chamisa believes that it is time South Africa intervened.

“Zimbabwe is becoming a burden, right now Zimbabwe is becoming a burden in the region even in Botswana on account of our inability,” Chamisa said.

He went on to call for a resolution to the nation’s political problems, warning that , a lack of which could lead the country into civil war;
“If we don’t resolve politics we will not be able to resolve the economic questions. Let’s resolve our economic issue through politics.

Speaking on the government’s hard-line approach towards opposition parties , especially the MDC, Mr Chamisa warned that , a continuation of the same approach could be detrimental to the country

“People have to dialogue without spilling blood, it is a better solution than to lose lives so that we are able to go to dialogue,” Chamisa said.

“Freedom must come, our country is at a cross-road. We stand there as we stood long ago.”
In the meantime, President Emmerson Mnangagwa is pleading for more time to resolve the current economic situation of the country.