We’re not scared of Trump, We’re not scared of America |Malema

EFF leader Julius Malema led a solidarity protest with the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement outside the US embassy in Pretoria. They knelt in silence for 8 minutes and 46 seconds – the same amount of time US police officer, Derek Chauvin, kept his knee on the neck of George Floyd, who died as a result.

He said that African countries must unite for the continent to be better than America and China.

“You must respect the life of a black child, We’re not scared of Trump, We’re not scared of America, we are not scared of death because we are dead already.” said Malema

Malema said there is nothing deserving of life among black people because this is not life, that’s why even the whites cant live the lives of black people.

He said he is prepared to fight imperialism everywhere in the world until the working class emerge and dictate on how the commanding heights of the economy must be distributed to all people.

Africa must stop outside interference to end its exploitation.

“That’s how white supremacists behave. They think they control how you breathe, how you walk, how you say things and if it’s not in line with what they want, they will now crush you.”

Using the phrase now synonymous with the George Floyd protests, Malema said that America and other world powers must remove their knees from Africa’s neck so that the continent could breathe.

Even with their knees on our necks, we still do better then them,can you imagine if they remove their knees on our neck, we will be better then America

Malema said Trump is going to win again because he represents the white supremacy and the white arrogance,those who said South Africa first were no different from US President Donald Trump, who says America first.

He said Africans in any African country should always come first before the nationality.

Africans must know , we will die next to them, We’ve got their back

Malema also said Ramaphosa was to blame for former President Nelson Mandela’s shift in stance on nationalization.

“The first speech that Nelson Mandela gave after prison, he said we would nationalise until Cyril took him to meet the Mennel family and he said ‘it’s not going to work’ and abandoned the radical economic programme that existed for since the formation of the youth league.”