This is why cats are used in the mortuary

Death is inevitable and life must continue. Before I continue, let us observe a moment of silence for the dead……………….(1minute)

Okay, I happened to spend sometime in the morgue as part of my training as a medical student and some things that were a bit confusing became clear. A visit to most morgues, you might see cats lurking around the place, and sometimes you wonder what they do there. There have been some supernatural stories or fables associated with cats in the morgue but clearly……I say to you.

These cats are kept in the morgue for one main purpose; to kill any rats that attempt to eat the deceased’s body in the morgue.

That is right, rats eat dead bodies and the only way to prevent them is to introduce a rat predator which happens to be the cats. So whenever you see cats on your visit to the morgue, look them and say thank you in your heart because your late granny would have had her fingers eaten by those cannibals in rat forms.