The South African musician that composed disney’s most iconic song

Whether you watch desney or not, you must have some how heard the song “Lion sleeps tonight” or “Mighty Jungle”, the sound track of one of desney’s most iconic films, ” The lion king”.

The song, was originally done by a certain South African musician called Solomon Linda, titled “Mbube”, which translates ” Lion” in English.

Solomon pompoli Linda, was born in Pomeroy colony, in the Natal county in 1909. He was a singer , composer and also instrumentalists.
Linda attended Gordon memorial school and began his music career at an early age,singing with his friends in weddings and choir contests.

In 1931 Linda left Natal to Johennesburg in search of work. He began working at Mayi-Mayi Funitures , at the same time he formed his own music group, with his friends. The group would later be discorvered in one choir contest and signed to the Gallo records of Eric Gallo. In Gallo records, Linda worked as a record parcker.

Linda will eventually get his breakthrough in 1939, with the song “Mbube” , the song that will end up being his most successful record ever and one of the world’s most remixed songs.

Mbube, will go on to sell over 100.000 copies in the period of 9 years after it’s release. However, Linda sold the song rights, to what is now a very huge bargain $2, to Gallo records.

Solomon Linda will go on to die a young man at age just 53, the song will go on to feature in many movies making millions for the new owners, Abilene music and Walt Disney company, but according to British law, the rights to the song were supposed to be handed to Linda’s family, 25 years after his death.

It was until 2004, following a law-suit filled against Disney and Abilene, that Linda’s decendants, the Linda estate began benefiting from what their legendary ancestor had worked for.

From that time on to the end of time, the linde estate will be paid royalties from any rand made from the song, and as part of the deal, Solomon Linda’s name will be included amongst those who composed the song “The lion sleeps tonight”.

Solomon Linda, was a great musicain and composer, and even though he never lived long enough to reap the beautiful fruits of his own labor, he will be remembered for many things, including the introduction of the Falsetto main voice and the black and white stripe dress modeled from the Zebra, but top of all is the song Mbube which more known by its remix name the Lion sleeps tonight, Mbube will go down in history as as a master-piece, one of the most iconic songs of all times and probably South-Africa’s best musical product ever.