Malema warns on Opening of Schools & Churches -“It’s a trap”

COVID -19 has come to South Africa and literally turned every aspect of life upside down. After a nationwide total shutdown came into effect at the end of March, even schools closed and religious gatherings could not take place anymore. That was the law in an attempt to slow down the rate of the coronavirus infections in South Africa.

Today, South Africa has over 30 000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and more than 500 deaths. The numbers continue to grow. The government has eased up on the lockdown restrictions and schools are opening and religious groups can gather as from 1 June. However, the Economic Freedom Fighters is having none of it!

EFF Commander-in-Chief, Julius Malema made an impassioned plea concerning the relaxation of the regulations.

I want to say to religious leaders, do not open up your places of worship in June. If you claim to hold high moral ground then listen to my call. This goes to our members too, because we also go to church. I urge our members to stay indoors because going to church is like going to their death. It is a setup, do not go to church. I need not justify my sentiments because all you need to do is to look at what the church did in Bloemfontein.

He asked, Was not a church gathering the origin of the first case of the coronavirus in our country? he emphasized that people should not go to church, “I stress, there will be plenty of time for your internal fights and politics but, for now, your physical well being needs to be safe in order to take care of your spiritual being later on”, said an impassioned Malema to journalists

Opening up the economy in general, and the places of worship in particular, is nothing “but a clever plot to kill our people devised by white monopoly capital,” enthused the political firebrand. “Its nothing but a trap. Our people can still pray at home. Our leaders can still reach out to them.

This can be via virtual means or recorded messages but they can still provide the guidance we desperately need without the people having to congregate in one place; risking their lives. We are calling on our religious leaders who have always been there as a voice of reason to be present now at this critical time. They are the only people that can save South Africans from this pandemic and the government,” declared Malema.

Several hundreds of thousands of scholars will be going back to school come Monday 1 June. But Malema insisted that parents should just keep their children at home until they are certain that the strictest health and safety protocols are met.

We all know that there are no toilets, particularly in black African schools. It is such an ugly joke because even the so-called ablution facilities in existence now are not functioning. Let the department of education go and inspect any one school now and prove me wrong.

He dared the Minister of Basic Education, Angie Motshekga. Malema acknowledged that for our own safety, everyone has to wear a mask. “But our children cannot wear a mask. These things are suffocating us and how do you think a child will fare?” Thus, the rallying cry of the government, in order to avoid infections, is not that people should wear masks but that they should stay

Malema said the Economy should be open but children should be left alone.

Those people who were saying that it will be possible for children to practice social distancing on the way to and from school were talking ‘nonsense’. The children will just infect each other even before they get to the school where they will be told to separate. But, Malema asked, what will be the use because they have already infected each other.

But, Malema asked, what will be the use because they have already infected each other.

In essence, what the EFF is saying is that, yes, open up the economy but please leave our children alone. However, we grudgingly accept that but look at the infections that have already taken place in the mining sector

he said. History will be there to judge the consequences brought on by opening up schools and churches but history will still have a record that the EFF discouraged this from happening.

Concluding his address to the nation when he announced the relaxation of lockdown regulations, President Cyril Ramaphosa said: It is in your hands. According to the EFF this simply means that every individual who chooses to go out to church or school will have their deaths on their hands. Instead they should stay at home where they will be guaranteed safety. If staying at home meant dying of hunger, then may that be the case instead of dying fighting to save a white monopoly capital economy concluded Malema