Israel jails pregnant Ghanaian woman, causing outrage

There has been an out-pour of rage on Israel, After it put to jail a pregnant Ghanaian migrant.

Jossephine Kwabiwa,32, refused to take a Tuberculosis medical test prompting her imprisonment.

Reports in Israeli media say, that Josephine refused to take the tests out of fear of what the radiation lights could do to her baby. She is been held in isolation by the Israeli Prison Services over 4 months ago.

Since news of her incasseration came to light, the Israeli government has come under criticism from various angles, including the U.N and the World Medical Association, they both condemned the decision to place the pregnant women in isolation, citing the probable hurt to the physical and mental health of both her and the child.

Physicians for Human Rights Israel (PHRI) has already demanded that Kwabiwaa be moved from isolation so she can receive proper medical care.
“For four months, no one on the Israel Prison Service’s medical staff who met Jossephine alerted anyone about the harm that could be caused to her as a result of her isolation or demand that it end,” Anat Lidvin, director of the Physicians for Human Rights’ Department for Prisoners said.
Lidvin also told Israeli newspaper, Haaretz that “this case shows how the Israel Prison Service violates the rights of prisoners and endangers their health and lives.
Government authorities must work to transfer the responsibility of medical care for prisoners from the Israel Prison Service to a body that knows medicine and that can provide treatment in line with accepted standards in the public health system in Israel, while maintaining the rules of ethical medicine”.

Meanwhile, Ghana has also reacted angrily to Kwabiwaa’s treatment,
Ghanaian legislator, Ras Mubarak, told the Afro-Palestine Newswire Service that “Israel’s treatment of Jossephine Kwabiwaa is racist and inhumane. Israel says it cares for Africa, but its long history of racism against Africans tells a very different story.”
The Palestinian prisoner and support group, Addameer has alleged that Israel does not give pregnant prisoners preferential treatment in terms of diet, living space or hospital transfers.
Kwabiwaa is reported to have been forced to pay for medical examinations and pregnancy supplements, like folic acid and iron.
The cost of some of her pregnancy checks have been taken out of funds that she was supposed to use to purchase food items at the prison canteen