I joined OFC because of Oromo and federalism | Jawar Muhammed explains

Explaining why he decided to join the Oromo Federalist Congress Party, Jawar Mohammed explained that he made the decision because of the party’s strong stand on federalism and his love for the Oromo people.

“I have been working with the party as a supporter for a long time,” Jawar told The Associated Press on Tuesday. The high rated activist went on to say that he will give all he has learned about politics to the party.

“I will use my influence, network, and experience to help strengthen the party, I am attracted to the party because of their clear and strong stand on federalism.”

Ethiopia will be holding general elections in five months now, and
Jawar and the party are expected to call for greater autonomy for Ethiopia’s regional states, including Oromia, which is the largest and most populous.

‘‘The Oromo objective is very clear. It boils down to self-rule, which can be translated into cultural, political and economic autonomy, having full ownership over the wealth God has given us…also being able to govern our home region by a government elected by the Oromo people.’‘

Clashes between rival ethnic groups are one of the most serious challenges to Abiy’s government, with over 1,200 people said to have lost there lives as a result and more than 1.2 million others displaced in clashes in the country.

Jawar is believed to have played a key role in forcing the former Ethiopia pm to resign, Ammed Abiy removed restrictions on political activists last year, this gave way to the return to Ethiopia of Jawar and others who were living in exile.

The rift between Abiy and Jawar began back in October when Ably seemed to take a dig at Jawar when he claimed that “media personalities with foreign passports” for causing troubles in Ethiopia, a comment widely seen as criticism of Jawar.

Jawar responded shortly afterward with claims of an attempt to remove his government-provided security guards and hundreds of his supporters flocked to his residence to offer him protection. The unrest that followed in some parts of the country, mainly Oromia, resulted in the deaths of several dozen people.

Following his move to the OCF, Jawar promised to do everything within his power to help the party gain strength. “I will use my influence, network, and experience to help strengthen the party,” he said, adding that the party will decide what office he will run for in the upcoming elections in May 2020.