Ghana & Nigeria to use Drones to deliver Covid-19 vaccines To health centres

Zipline Ghana is partnering the Ministry of Health in the roll-out of the COVID-19 vaccines. This will enable Zipline use medical drones to deliver covid-19 vaccines to over 1,000 health facilities across the country.

Nigeria’s Kaduna state has also signed a deal with medical delivery firm Zipline that will allow drone shipment of COVID-19 vaccines without significant state investment in cold-chain storage.

Zipline is a robotics airplane manufacturer based in California focusing on delivering medical supplies to undeveloped and underdeveloped areas.

The company is building an end-to-end cold chain distribution capability to distribute COVID-19 vaccines in Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda and rural parts of the US remotely, the company Stated.

This will enable the drone delivery service to deliver all leading COVID-19 vaccines on demand, at the necessary temperatures, in precise amounts, and at the required temperatures.

“It will help ensure that millions of people in Kaduna State will always get the care they need,”

Kaduna Governor Nasir El-Rufai said.

Countries across Africa are struggling with how to distribute COVID-19 vaccines that require ultra-low temperature storage due to insufficient cold-chain storage and weak road and rail networks.

Ghana became the first country to receive Covax vaccines and Nigeria has announced that it would pursue vaccines that are less dependent on cooling facilities.