Ethiopia Showcases First Locally Assembled Electric Car

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed today received the first electric car fully assembled locally by Hyundai dealership, Marathon Motors. The decision to assemble electric cars in Ethiopia follows the request put forth by the Prime Minister to the Hyundai President.

Electric cars are increasing in popularity with companies like Tesla and legacy car manufacturers starting to take them seriously.

Ahmed said the electric car present has came at a time when the government is working to transform Ethiopia’s greening and climate change resilient aspirations in to concrete action through the Green Legacy Initiative and Sheger and Entoto Parks.

“I received the first electric car fully assembled in Ethiopia. No emission cars can help reduce pollution,” .

the Premier tweeted

The car in question looks like the Hyundai IONIQ which debuted in its home country of South Korea in 2016.

It was pointed out that the car is fully battery operated with no gas emission.

The car is unique to Ethiopia as it can be charged anywhere without a need for charging stations.

The batteries can be apparently charged up to 80 percent in 33 minutes on a 50 kilo watts station or in 24 minutes at a 100 kilo watts fast charging station.

Marathon Motors was reported to have invested over 13 million United States Dollars on the assembly plant. The assembly plant has the capacity to assemble 10,000 cars per year. One of the shareholders of Marathon Motor Engineering is the famous Ethiopian long distance athlete, Haile Gebreselassie who was present at the handover ceremony today

During the handing over ceremony, Prime Minister Abiy applauded such investments in the country support the nation’s climate resilience and green ambitions.